Current obsessions

Today I wanted to write about things that I’m currently obsessed with. So let’s start!

First off I’ve been obsessed with Netflix (as usual). In particular two series. Firstly Narcos, I really don’t know how to explain this series too well. It’s about Pablo Escobar who was a millionaire by distributing cocaine and DEA agents who are trying to catch him. It doesn’t sound very interesting like that, but trust me it is. Secondly I have been loving Stranger Things. This one I can’t explain at all but it is filmed so well and honestly you just have to watch it!


Now that it is winter I also have very dry skin. So I have been loving this hand cream. I’m guessing the brand is Malina but honestly I’m not sure. I got this as a gift from 2 friends when they visited Poland. It smells really good and I love the packaging as well, but most importantly it makes my hands really soft. I have also been loving this body moisturizer by Rituals.  It’s from the Honey Touch line and it smells like gummy bears to me. And It helps to keep my skin soft.

zak abel.jpg

Lastly I have been obsessed with Zak Abel, he is such an amazing and talented singer. His song “Unstable” definitely deserves a listen! I can’t wait until his album comes out.

I hope you have enjoyed my current obsessions and let me now what you have been loving 🙂


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