New in: Estée Lauder Bronze Godess


I recently bought a new perfume and wanted to share it with you. The perfume I got is called Estée Lauder Eau Fraiche Skinscent. It smells amazing, like summer in a bottle! Unfortunately it is still only march, but it was on sale and I just couldn’t leave it. I already know I will wear this so much this summer.




How Estée Lauder describes the fragrance :
“The fragrance opens with zesty citrus notes of Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, lemon and orange.  The heart includes tiare flower, jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom. The base consists of warm notes of amber, coconut milk, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and myrrh.”

The scent smells like coconut at first but after a while I can really smell the vanilla too. This perfume is summer in a bottle and I love it!

What is your favourite summer perfume?


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