Favourite perfumes


Today I want to share some of my favourite perfumes with you. Perfume is one of my favourite beauty products! I definitely love sweet scents, I’m not really into fresh and light fragrances.

Left: Bonbon, Right: Flowerbomb

The first two perfumes are from Viktor and Rolf. These are really expensive, but worth every penny for me. They also have a special memory for me as I bought them in Tenerife and Mallorca.

First I got Flowerbomb, which is a very famous perfume. It smells very sweet and as the name says, floral. I think a lot of people will like this scent and a little goes a long way with this perfume.

The second one I got, is their newest fragrance Bonbon. I got this last summer and fell in love with it. It’s not as floral as Flowerbomb, but it is still a sweet scent that lasts all day.


I also love Lady Million by Pacco Rabanne. This is very different kind of scent compared to the previous two. It’s still sweet, but smells a little bit spicy to me. I don’t think everyone will love this, but I do. However I reach for it more when it’s winter, it is not a scent I like in the summer.

Left to right: Pure seduction, Strawberries & champagne, Vanilla lace, Noir Tease

And last but not least Victoria Secret fragrance mists. I love these a lot and wear them mostly during the daytime. They are not as strong as a perfume, but you can still smell them. My favourite is the Vanilla lace one, as it smells very sweet and it just makes me happy.


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